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Wawanda Investigations

Experienced security guards for all your civil and criminal investigation needs – training classes too!

About us

Daniel Wright

Daniel has a wonderful wife, a daughter, and two grandchildren. He cares about his community, proven by his history as a combat veteran and a retired NYPD detective.

Dominic Fontana

Dominic is a family man. He has a beautiful wife and five lovely kids. He has lived a life of service, being a retired EMT from New York City and a firefighter for over 28 years.

Contact us directly at 845-796-6239 for all your investigation needs.

We are Experienced

With over 40 years of collective experience, our investigators know what needs to be done.

We are Dependable

Here at Wawanda Investigations, we are passionate about what we do. You can trust us to be where you need, when you need it.

We are Professional

We work with you to ensure your case is investigated confidentiality and quickly.



Our company takes no civil investigations, including business and insurance fraud.


With our elite team of investigators, we can get you the accurate reports you want and need.


Your safety being the top priority, we can bring a successful resolution to your criminal cases.


We offer classes ranging from first aid to firearm safety, building a community safe for everyone.